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INGCO 3.5KVA Industrial Diesel Generator •BUILDMATE• IPT GDE35001-5P
INGCO 3.5kva Portable Gasoline Generator GE35005-5P
INGCO 35L Industrial Gasoline Floor Saw 9.6Kw (13HP) Manual Push Petrol Engine IPT GSF16-2
INGCO 4.0Kw 5.5HP Industrial Gasoline Concrete Vibrator - Hex Type GVR-22
INGCO 6.5HP 4.8kw Gasoline Tamping Rammer GRT75-2
INGCO 6500W 6.5KVA Gasoline Generator GE65003-5P
INGCO 6KVA Diesel Generator 15L•BUILDMATE• IPT GDE60001-5P
INGCO 900W 1KVA Portable Gasoline Generator GE10002-5P
INGCO Gasoline Plate Compactor 4.8KW 6.5HP GCP060-2
INGCO Gasoline Plate Compactor 4.8KW 6.5HP GCP100-2
INGCO Gasoline Power Trowel •BUILDMATE• IPT GPT361-2
INGCO Gasoline Water Pump GWP202
INGCO Portable Arc MMA Inverter Welding Machine IGBT 320A ING-MMA3202P
INGCO Portable IGBT Inverter MMA ARC Welding Machine 220A Pure Copper ING-MMA2202P
INGCO Silent Diesel Generator GSE60001-5P
Adapter Bracket for 300C to Groover
₱35,090.00 ₱63,800.00
OSK Tools USA Steel Bar Bender Machine
Ridgid 1/8-Inch to 2-Inch 230 Volt Hand-held Power Threader
₱165,000.00 ₱300,000.00
Ridgid 300 Power Drive 230V
₱167,255.00 ₱304,100.00
Ridgid B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller
₱280,500.00 ₱510,000.00
Ridgid Complete Threading Machine, 230Volts Complete with Std. equipment 1/8"-2"
₱207,130.00 ₱376,600.00
Ridgid K1500A Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine 230V 50/60Hz
₱267,960.00 ₱487,200.00
Ridgid K1500B Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine 230V 50/60Hz
₱267,960.00 ₱487,200.00
Ridgid Machine with Std. equipment 230Volts Capacity 1/8"-2" Pipe, 1/4"-2" Bolts
₱452,155.00 ₱822,100.00
Ridgid Model 1224 Threading Machine
₱592,350.00 ₱1,077,000.00
Ridgid Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine K-60 SP-SE
₱170,775.00 ₱310,500.00