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It can limit slipping on shoes and sandals that have no friction You can use a glue gun to create straight lines below the sole of the shoe, helping to create great friction when moving the shoe on slippery surfaces, bringing you safety. In case you need to reduce the impact of the door when there is a strong wind, you just need to spray a thin layer of glue on the contact position between the door and the wall to create a soft cushion and reduce unpleasant noises. At normal temperature, candle glue is solid, only when the temperature is about 70 - 75oC will it melt. When flowing, it will bond quickly and will not affect the surface to be adhered.
EKO Medicine Boxss Brushed Finish
Cleaner Air, Safer Car
The Alston series from InterDesign features durable ribbed acrylic bodies, emulating the look of glass with metal accents for functional, stylish adornment of your home. Store cotton swabs, bathroom accessories and more in this small lidded canister.
Axis Hanging - 2 Compartment Organizer, Chevron|The InterDesign Chevron Fabric Hanging Closet Organizers keep your closets neat and organized. Use for shoes, purses, underwear, baby clothes, sweaters, pants, crafts or other accessories.
Axis Hanging Handbag Organizer, Compartments
Axis Hanging Jewelry Organizer - 48 pocket
Axis Over Door Shoe Organizer - Axis 16 Compartments Organizer
Axis Shoe Organizer, 10 Shelf
₱650.00 ₱750.00
AXIS 6-SHELF SWEATER ORGANIZER Axis Sweater Organizer, 6 shelf
₱600.00 ₱700.00
Drawer organizer
₱210.00 ₱230.00
Drawer organize
₱150.00 ₱170.00
Drawer organizer
₱310.00 ₱340.00
Drawer organizer
₱350.00 ₱380.00
Drawer organizer
₱210.00 ₱240.00
Drawer organizer
₱260.00 ₱290.00
Drawer organizer
₱310.00 ₱340.00
Rack w/ 3 hooks, otd, axis
₱570.00 ₱600.00
Rack w/ 5 hooks, otd, axis
₱840.00 ₱860.00
Drawer tray, 4-bin, rain
₱600.00 ₱630.00
Finishing tray, medium, rain
₱360.00 ₱390.00
Hair dryer/flat iron holder
₱1,000.00 ₱1,080.00
Spinner, rain
₱600.00 ₱630.00
Vanity organizer 1, rain
₱1,000.00 ₱1,100.00